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Although today's Lakers less negative and more wins, but the team was not full of negative emotions. One important reason is that the Lakers now have a "funny forced" players - Nick - Young. Whether speech or action, cheap air jordan from china Nick - Young is an exude positive energy of the players, even if the Lakers lost, it is possible to see hope. Two recent east away, Nick - Young will own such a talent again played out.

The first is the road to play the game with the Pistons, the Lakers away withstood the impact of competitors, difficult to win. In front off the road, air jordan shoes for sale cheap the Lakers just win the Raptors at home, so this streak to the team morale.

That victory deal in the Hill Jordan - Hill, who finished with 22 points and 13 rebounds, the Lakers are one of the top performing players. So after the game, the Lakers pulled Hill interviewed courtside reporters. Hill did not result in conversation, Nick - Young on Liezhedazui rushed from behind the lens, also shouted: "Oh wow, cheap air jordan shoes free shipping two straight yo!" Then he told Hill chatted up in front of the camera you made me a language, posture quite interview.

Reporters also sensible, immediately handed the microphone Nick - Young, so he guest from the reporters. But after chatted Hill's performance, "Yang forced funny" immediately joked, asked: "? Nick - Young played this game really Terrific ah, cheap nike air jordan shoes do you think it," Hill echoed the two, two People laughed ended the interview went into the tunnel.

Then to beat the Wizards game, loses let Nick - Young is no way to steal the spotlight on the sidelines, cheap air jordan shoes online but in fact he has done in the game to force the daily tasks funny. Just after the vote in a third, excited Nick - Young made landmark "three glasses" action. Results do not know too excited, he will actually foot 11 on behalf of Jordan soles rub out.

This shot was captured scene photographer arrived, after the game became Nick - Young interview questions when the focus is. And Yang Shaoxia naturally not miss this opportunity to tease force, "Before I sue them, I have to talk to Michael - Jordan have a conversation," Nick - Young said. It listened to his remarks, cheap air jordan shoes outlet loses the Lakers locker room has also been laughter.

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